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Digital Places is an Information Systems consulting group - we plan and implement collaboration tools on Internet, and Portal Extranets.

New flag - For groups that want to improve use of collaboration tools or start using Web 2.0 collaboration products

arrow We can work with you quickly no matter where you are located - an internet connection and phone and we can help you.

arrow Your group can learn to use Web 2.0 collaborative tools to:

  • Distribute updates and decisions from meetings more effectively across the organization and to remote workers.
  • Optimize Virtual meetings
  • Tag technical or product data, customer details, etc., for current project use and create organizational memory
  • Preserve staff knowledge despite retirements, restructuring and staff reductions

arrow When choosing Web 2.0 tools, we can show you:

  • Which tools integrate well with existing systems?
  • Which tools fix our most pressing problems?
  • Which tools fit our work process?
  • Which tools are the most cost-effective?
  • Which tools should we deploy first?

arrow We are service providers not resellers - we're not paid by vendors.

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Digital Places' team specializes in interactive services. Our team has designed and deployed secure web services for NASA, FAA, and major aerospace companies. We have trained teams of remote workers in the use of interactive web services to increase their productivity.

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Contact Digital Places today to discuss your web services needs: e-mail us a little info about yourself and we will set a time to talk about your needs.


Digital Places Clients have included: 

American Technology Alliances NexGen Program
Bootstrap Institute ProjectConnections
National Institute for Play SeniorNet


Would 80% of your employees say “I do a better job because of the company intranet?

-They can

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Keeping up -
Recent Pubs on Ccollaboration & Knowledge Management

The authors of the book Net Success are experts in Intranet and online communities

Digital Places principals authored the Virtual Communities chapter in Net Success.