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We here at Digital Places are excited about the collaborative environments that World Wide Web standards are enabling. We believe the people using collaborative environments create digital places and over time these will more and more be recognized as important places where the future of the physical world is shaped. This page provides links to current thoughts, thinkers and research in the umbrella concept we call Collaboration Systems.

How businesses are using Web 2.0

A McKinsey Global Survey

The rising popularity of user-driven online services, including MySpace, Wikipedia, and YouTube, has drawn attention to a group of technological developments known as Web 2.0. These technologies, which rely on user collaboration, include Web services, peer-to-peer networking, blogs, podcasts, and online social networks.

Respondents to a recent McKinsey survey show widespread but careful interest in this trend. Expressing satisfaction with their Internet investments so far, they say that Web 2.0 technologies are strategic and that they plan to increase these investments. But companies aren’t necessarily relying on the best-known Web 2.0 trends, such as blogs; instead, they place the greatest importance on technologies that enable automation and networking.





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