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Web Planning

Don't just "do a web site", create Intenet services that provide value to your customers and profits to your business. Digital Places will help you develop web plans that support your business goals.

We can...

  • Propose and scope services and features appropriate to your overall business goals
  • Draft service requirements documents, or evaluate and revise existing documents
  • Identify and specify requirements for cost effective Internet services you may have missed, like maillists, web forms, customer database integration, SSL encryption, credit card processing alternatives, and many more.
  • Mock-up, test, and provide feedback on proposed designs, services, and features

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Project Planning

Digital Places can plan and manage the projects to implement your web services, freeing you up to concentrate on integrating the services into your organization and customer base.

We can...

  • Develop technical requirements documents from service requirements
  • Act as the "general contractor" to hire and manage technical resources, graphic designers, database administrators, programmers etc.
  • Work with programmers and designers to fit your needs and desires to cost efficient technical solutions
  • Advise and cooperate with programmers and developers to create user-friendly interfaces
  • Manage your development team to arrive at timely, workable products that support your service goals

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Deploy your Internet Solution

Digital Places can design and build your web and email services

We can provide

  • Programming and coding for your web site and services
  • Identification, specification, purchase, and configuration of back-end hardware
  • Co-located or hosted server configuration
  • Evaluation and selection of appropriate technologies and software to meet your service goals
  • Training for your staff on technical and functional use, documentation and maintenance of your services (e.g., web forms and email, e-commerce, customer relationship management, community management, etc.)
  • Post-implementation support

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Additional Community Services

We work with organizations that are already active on the Web as well as those that are currently developing Web initiatives to identify Internet community opportunities and incorporate them in their plans.

Click here to see how Digital Places can help you develop your online community.

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