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Building Trust
A collection of ideas from participants in our pre-conference seminar on Community Management at Vircomm '99. Attendees were asked to share one idea for building trust in online communities -- the results are posted here.

Internet Communities: Planning, Design & Management
A brief overview of the importance of internet communities and Digital Places' methodology.

Supporting Identity and Presence Online
A discussion of two methods for supporting increased presence among online community members: Member profiles and avatars. First presented at Vircomm '99.

Doing Research in Online Communities
What metrics and methods should you use when conducting research in your communities? Richard Adler outlines one possible approach in this presentation, first given at Vircomm '99.

Increasing Member Participation
How to get your members more involved, and encourage "lurkers" to become active, committed community members. First presented at Vircomm '99.

Overview of Internet Community Fundamentals and Operations Management
Slides from a three-hour seminar at Vircomm '99.

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